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Kerttu Saalasti Institute

Kerttu Saalasti Institute (KSI) is an internationally active research institute at the University of Oulu. Our research theme is ”Operational Excellence of Micro-Enterprises”. KSI provides and mediates scientific knowledge, develops new technological innovations and acts as a reliable partner in international project collaborations. To name a few, we work in a close co-operation with faculties of the University of Oulu as well as other Finnish and international universities and research institutes. KSI participates in the development of enterprises and innovation environment by strengthening international orientation, RDI activity and expertise mainly through projects together with education and development organizations as well as municipalities, subregions and enterprises.

Impact in society and regional development are important for KSI research. Our research aims are

  1. to develop micro, small and medium-sized enterprises
  2. to investigate production engineering; and
  3. to provide scientific knowledge and to promote new innovations and rapid experimentations in order to develop the operational excellence of enterprises.

Microentrepreneurship Centre of Exellence MicroENTRE

The Microentrepreunership Centre of Excellence MicroENTRE is research team at the University of Oulu, Kerttu Saalasti Institute, and a reliable expert close to entrepreneurs. MicroENTRE is an internationally well-known and valued expert and partner specialising in micro-entrepreneurship in northern areas. Its results are published in valued scientific forums. Activities of the team promote the operating area as a growth platform for micro-enterprises. The research team focuses on micro-enterprises and research, development and training which is important to micro-enterprises.

Our research focus areas are:

  1. Growth and internationalisation mechanisms of micro-enterprises
  2. Funding and incentive mechanisms for micro-enterprises
  3. Innovation processes of micro-enterprises
  4. Entrepreneurship environment in sparsely populated northern region



Martti Saarela, Development Manager, martti.saarela(at)

Anna-Mari Simunaniemi, Research director, anna-mari.simunaniemi(at)

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