Digipolis – Kemi Technology Park


Digipolis - Kemi technology park is Lapland's largest technology centre and it has been in operation since 1993. Digipolis is home to over 50 companies and organisations and approximately 500 employees. Digipolis is also a centre for education; the Lapland University of Applied Sciences and Lappia Vocational College provide education for 1,500 students.

Digipolis meets companies' development challenges particularly at the interface of information and processing industries but also in other interfaces of information industry, such as cold and extreme conditions. Digipolis' strongest areas of special expertise have been honed with determination over the years to serve the local and regional business communities. The whole Digipolis team works in a company-oriented manner.

From the perspective of the growth of Digipolis, the key has been diverse and in-depth cooperation both nationally and internationally. International cooperation has been particularly fruitful with northern Sweden. Company needs steer the activities of Digipolis and they are met with an extensive partnership network.


Contact person

Liisa Koivisto: Project Manager | liisa.koivisto@digipolis.fi