Why Industry partners and SMEs should participate?

Why Industry partners and SMEs should participate?

Digitalization can improve the sustainability and competitiveness of the process industry. However, all of the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), especially those who are acting alone, don´t have the capabilities to use digital technologies efficiently. Key challenges in the utilization of digitalization opportunities are finding the applications which provide added benefits to the customer, and the development and introduction of new business models based on new ecosystems in a manner that is beneficial for all parties involved.

The main goal of the DigiProcess project is to support the development of digitalization and service ecosystems in the SME sector. To achieve this, the project identifies the needs of industrial companies and the opportunities which industrial companies have, and consults SMEs about their business development. One of the central goals is to expand process industries' co-operation from country-specific to cross-border co-operation. SMEs benefit from the development of ecosystem business models, implementation of technical pilots, and through demonstration, ongoing RDI project applications and industry ecosystem co-operation.

Benefits for industrial partners

  • Digitalization ecosystems developed during the project enable multidisciplinary co-operation with the current and new SME suppliers and other industry partners
  • Industry partners and SMEs digitalization co-operation improves through ecosystem co-operation
  • Industry partners needs become more evident to suppliers in the SME sector

Benefits for SMEs

  • Digitalization ecosystems enhance SMEs networking capabilities and enable new unique co-operation opportunities
  • Ecosystem co-operation gets SMEs to the core of industry partners digitalization activities which makes it easier to define and develop products and services for industry partners digitalization needs
  • SMEs needs become more evident to industry partners

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