SME interviews in Northern Finland
The Process SME project’s aim is to improve the competitiveness of small and medium-sized industrial enterprises by supporting the development of products and business models. The objective is to support the international networking of SMEs and participation in EU projects. In addition, the purpos...
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State support in Norway to innovative start-ups
Nowadays we are witnessing a boom in innovative start-ups. Small companies generate revolutionary ideas. These companies unite young, energetic, ambitious, and flexible people who live their idea and understand its processes, but...
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The need to keep up with technology trends
An important component of the Interreg Process-SME project is to gather input on future technological developments and challenges, to give input to forming of EU financing programmes, says  Ross Wakelin from Northern Research Institute Norut AS. Do you think that techn...
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A system that creates win-win-win
Vinit Parida has introduced a new business model. His business model includes a value chain where several companies work together to create value for an end customer – an ecosystem that can generate "win-win-win". Read More