Value Steel Crossborder event: SME talks

Value steel crossborder event was organized online 23.3 through Teams. The event attracted over 60 participants from industry, SMEs, and other actors to hear and discuss about steel industry´s digital future.

Previously published news stories focused on Peter Wallin’s keynote talk and industry talks presented by Outokumpu, ABB, SSAB Europe and Boliden Rönnskär. This news story focuses on sme talks presented by Mobilaris, Indalgo, Data Ductus, Augmenta, BnearIT and Sapotech. 


Viktor Linde, Business Development Manager, Mobilaris

SME talks started by Viktor Linde from Mobilaris. Mobilaris Industrial Solutions provide digital solutions that can aid to achieve the next level of workforce safety. Viktor highlighted that it is profitable to invest in safety in industrial companies. Mobilaris solutions are based on 1) connected workers & machines 2) real-time positioning and 3) visualization in 3D or 2D.


Perttu Laurinen, CEO, Indalgo

Perttu Laurinen from Indalgo told the audience how to build AI solutions for the steel industry. Perttu introduced some of their application for the steel-making process. According to Perttu, common for these applications is that they work on data gathered actual production line and are tailored to match the particular facility in question. With digital twin steel producers can test and simulate effects with different parameters, allowing e.g. optimize, save resources, and increase quality.


Annacarin Falkman, Head of BU IoT/IT, Data Ductus

Annacarin Falkman from Data Ductus gave an overview of Data Ductus´ offerings in device management, cloud-based services, automation, and cybersecurity. She highlighted API overload, data integrity, security, automation, and mobility of cloud solutions as the key digitalization and cybersecurity questions for 2021. She provided some examples of Data Ductus´ success stories which included etc. safety solutions integrated with a Proving Ground Management Solution for vehicle testing. The solution was originally made for the client, but it has been expanded to multiple businesses across the globe.


Tero Aaltonen, CEO, Augmenta

Tero Aaltonen from Augmenta pointed out that Smart Manufacturing AR solutions work well in industry use cases. Industry facilities tend to be large and workers tend to have multiple responsibilities. Through the use of modern smart glasses, Augmenta´s AR solutions can help workers improve their work significantly in these environments. With a help of AR, workers can be seamlessly connected with experts who can help workers in real-time remotely. This can increase industry operations´ safety and efficiency dramatically.


Olov Stenberg, Sales Manager, BnearIT

Olov Stenberg from BnearIT gave an overview of BnearIT, which is a software company for both administrative systems and pure production and process control systems. BnearIT offers system integration, system development, and IoT solutions for industry use. BnearIT has developed a test and simulation tool for primary components for integration projects which it uses both in national and international projects. BnearIT has over 15 years experience of in service-oriented architecture and practical development of component-based systems. BnearIT has been responsible for the development of one of Sweden´s largest IoT systems related to smart recycling.


Juha Roininen, Chief Metallurgist, COB, Sapotech

Juha Roininen from Sapotech introduced Sapotech´s unique machine vision solutions which can be used to monitor the production of metals at any temperature. This increases metal-making efficiency, quality inspection, and analysis. Juha introduced Sapotech´s reveal technology platform which offers many digitalization applications for metal production. He presented one of these applications, Reveal TAP – a versatile monitoring solution in more detail. Reveal TAP helps to monitor the tapping of molten metal and slag in a multitude of process phases through easy to use real-time control room view and web browser interface.


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