DigiProcess SME interviews have begun and are open for applications!

DigiProcess SME interviews have begun in Finland and Sweden. The interviews intend to capture SMEs' view on how they are developing their digital services, supporting the digitalization of process industries, and how forming new collaboration and business models with actors in the industrial ecosystem can make SMEs more competitive. Results from these interviews are used together with the industry partners' interview results to develop a better understanding of SME/process industry ecosystem landscape and to identify and form new digitalization ecosystems between SME and process industry partners from different industries like steel, mining, bio, forest, and energy.

We are still looking for interested SMEs to take part to the interviews which will be finished November at the latest. If you are working in SME that delivers or plans to deliver digital products, services, or advanced solutions for the process industry, you are warmly welcome to take part in the interviews.

Why to take part to SME interviews?

By taking part in the interviews, SMEs become a part of DigiProcess project which leads to the following benefits:

  • Information about process industry needs in SME co-operation projects.

    Results from the process industry interviews are shared and discussed with the project partners. These results help SMEs to improve co-operation with the process industry and development of better products and services for process industry needs.

  • Opportunity to affect process industry practices in SME-industry projects

    Results from SME interviews are shared and discussed with the project partners. These results help process industry partners to improve their practices in SME-industry co-operation projects to straightforward future co-operation projects.

  • Access to workshops with process industry partners

    Co-operation workshops between SMEs and process industry partners are organized during the project. Through these workshops, SMEs are provided with an opportunity to introduce their offerings and network with process industry partners.

How to get involved?

To take part in the interviews, please contact us. More info about the DigiProcess project can be found from DigiProcess homepage and DigiProcess LinkedIN page.

Main contact and inquiries:

Peetu Virkkala, DigiProcess Project Researcher, University of Oulu, +358 45 644 3202, peetu.virkkala@oulu.fi

Jani Sipola, DigiProcess Project Manager, Lapland University of Applied Science, +358 50 316 7677, jani.sipola@lapinamk.fi

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