DigiProcess process industry interviews begin in Finland and Sweden

DigiProcess is an Interreg Nord EU project which objective is to help SMEs to develop their digital services and build digitalization ecosystems with industry partners in different industries like steel, mining, bio, forest, and energy. This simplifies process industry partners and SME supplier’s co-operation and helps SME suppliers to better correspond to the process industry partner’s needs. DigiProcess is a cross-border project between Finnish and Swedish partners. It is coordinated by Lapland University of Applied Sciences. Other project partners include Luleå Tekniska Universitet, Industriellt Utvecklings Centrum Norrbotten AB, University of Oulu, Nivala-Haapajärvi Subregion Association and Digipolis Industrial Park in Kemi.

DigiProcess industry interviews begin in Finland and Sweden. The interviews intend to capture the process industry viewpoint on the digitalization of process industries. Moreover, the interviews identify how SMEs can support industry partners in their digitalization journey by forming new collaborations and business models with actors in their industrial ecosystems. Results from the interviews are then used together with the data later gathered from SMEs to develop a better understanding of SME/process industry ecosystem landscape and to identify and form new digitalization ecosystems between SME and process industry partners.

After industry interviews, potential candidates from SMEs are also interviewed. The interview for SMEs intends to capture SMEs view on how they are developing their digital services, supporting the digitalization of process industries and how forming new collaboration and business models with actors in the industrial ecosystem can make SMEs more competitive. If you are working at SME, and you think that you or someone else from your company would want to take part to DigiProcess project and interviews, let us know and we will be in contact with you!

More info about the DigiProcess project can be found from DigiProcess homepage and DigiProcess LinkedIN page.


Main contact and inquiries:

Jani Sipola, DigiProcess Project Manager, Lapland University of Applied Science, +358 50 316 7677, jani.sipola@lapinamk.fi

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