Submarine drones and snakes at OffshoreValue workshop

The third Nordic Process-SME workshop ‘OffshoreValue’ was held between large companies and SMEs in Narvik Norway on 28th May 2019. The workshop targeted at the companies operating in the fields of fishery, oil industry and process IT in order to network and find future business cooperation.

The event focused on future investments and challenges in the offshore industry, and the needs for new innovative services. An algal bloom in Northern Norway started the week before and decimated the fish farms, so the representatives in fishing industry were fully occupied with dealing with this crisis and were unable to attend to give presentations. However, in workshop was introduced novel digitalization applications for underwater operations, such as automatized oil drilling, and maintenance with submarine drones and snakes.

Large industry representatives enlightened the possibilities available for SMEs to match those needs with value proposition. At the end of the event by matchmaking, the representatives of SMEs had a great chance to discuss the joint business opportunities with the specialists of large companies in face-to-face meetings.

The third workshop ended very successful serie of Nordic ProcessSME workshops. In the future we may see several company cooperations based on joint discussions.

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