The series of joint workshops between Finnish large companies and SMEs going well

The second Finnish Process-SME workshop between large companies and SMEs will be held in Oulu on 21st of March 2018. This time, the workshop is targeted at companies who operate or seek opportunities to operate with the steel and forest industries. At the event, specialists from Outokumpu, Stora Enso and Efora will inform SMEs on their general supply criteria for subcontracting and experiences related to servitization.

In the workshop, SMEs will have a great opportunity to introduce themselves and the firms’ possibilities to serve large companies, as well as to build up joint SME consortiums in order to increase business operations in the steel and forest markets. At the end of meeting, the representatives of SMEs will have a great chance to discuss business opportunities with the specialists of large companies in face-to-face meetings.

After the initial information post sent in January this year, the first participants have already registered in the workshop. The early interest foretells an abundant participation rate in the event that will, once again, be considered as an informative step for networking and cooperation between SMEs and large companies.

Kyllikki Taipale-Erävala

Post-doctoral Researcher

University of Oulu

Kerttu Saalasti Institute, +358 50 576 5764

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