Association possibilities for IT/automation organizations in Process SME project

According to Associate Professor John Lindström from Luleå University of Technology, the Process SME team has been collecting data or input in order to update the current ProcessIT.EU Roadmap, which provides insight into the process industry’s needs concerning development and improvement of IT and automation related matters. The data has been collected from interactions and workshops with process industry companies, providers to the industry – ranging from SMEs to larger ones, academia as well various technical institutes. The idea with the roadmap is to provide ideas and input for the strategic development of IT and automation within the process industry companies as well as also to provide input to funders of research, development and innovation activities on a national as well as European level. The current version of the roadmap is available to download at .

 New version under updating - interested in participating?

The current status of the new roadmap version is that the initial text on the research and development areas have been written. Activities to test and verify that text will be initiated within soon whilst the crafting on the ideal concepts, i.e., the second part of the roadmap, will continue.

If you or your organization is interested in contributing and/or participating in the crafting of the new version of the roadmap, please contact the Process SME-team! (


Further, the Process SME team and ProcessIT.EU community continue build new research, development and innovation projects on national and international level based on the ProcessIT.EU roadmap ideas. Some examples of previous as well as recently started such projects are: Arrowhead, MANTIS and Productive4.0 funded by ECSEL combined with national funding. One objective with these projects is to bring SMEs out in Europe in order to grow their networks and contacts with researchers as well as business partners, enable more customer contacts, and to develop their staff and competences.

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